Product Photography - Anne Thomas


Why do we need good corporate photography?

Images not only add life to your website, they also help make it convert better.  People no longer want to browse a website - they want to experience it.  Using the right images can boost your site's conversions and help you to connect better with your target audience.

Stop Using Bad Stock Images

The 90s are gone!  This is the social age of the Internet.  People don't look at the web like they used to. They're more connected than ever.  And educated.  What does that have to do with images and conversions?  People know if you've used a cheesy stock of photos.  Your prospects will know you're trying to fool them with people shaking hands in suits.  So in order to get a higher conversion rate today, you need to do the opposite.  Invest in the skills of a professional photographer who will listen to your brief and share her experience and expertise to create a stock of images that reflect your company with integrity, and will put you on the road to a higher conversion rate.

Whatever your business, your images on your website need to look professional enough to encourage conversions. Contact me to arrange a meeting. Whether it's profile shots, products,   your premises or corporate events - we can work collaboratively to get your website on track and offer clients the experience.

"First met Anne at The Business Woman's Network group and asked her to be our resident photographer.  Really liked her work and asked her to update my profile photos.  Anne didn't just book a date and take the photos - she spent time understanding my brand, asked questions about how I wanted the photos to look and even spent most of her weekend researching different suitable locations.  I really enjoyed going through the process and the results speak for themselves.  I'm absolutely delighted with the photos and the location was perfect.  I would highly recommend Anne - you will really enjoy the journey!"

Dawn Moss - Your Interview Coach