Cake Smash - Anne Thomas

Cake Smash

Originating in America, Cake Smashes have been taking the UK by storm as parents look for a fun and memorable way to mark their child's first birthday!

The trend involves letting a one-year-old loose with a giant cake while being pictured by a professional photographer, creating some cheeky and adorable pictures that families can treasure forever.

But babies playing with food can inevitably lead to a big mess - which is why Anne Thomas Photography now includes the little ones having a warm bath with lots of bubbles after they have smashed the cake!

This will be a photoshoot  involving laughter, exploration and a warm bubbly bath at the end.  So bring 2 or 3 changes of clothes, including any cute clothing that you'd like included in the shoot - tutus, party dresses, favourite t-shirts, trousers etc, a large towel, snacks and drink - and be prepared for a couple of hours of sheer enjoyment and laughter!

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