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Explore Your Camera - Get Off Auto!

A 2 hour hands-on workshop designed to help you take control of your camera and move away from shooting in Auto mode!

You will learn about: ISO | White balance | F-stops | Correct Focussing | Exposure | The rule of thirds | Composition

Auto mode is safe, but doesn’t give you control over your pictures, so this is an opportunity to explore your camera and find out what happens and why. We’ll work totally at your pace to ensure that you understand and enjoy the new skills that you’ll pick up on the day, and the group size will be a maximum of 5.  This workshop is designed for beginners and is held every month at The Discovery Centre Braintree.  

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Workshop fee:  £50

Workshops Coming Up

Sunday 24 June

Sunday 29 July

Sunday 26 August

Sunday 30 September

Sunday 21 October

Sunday 18 November