LIFE PAGE - Anne Thomas



I've called this page 'LIFE' because I'd like it to reflect just that - all of those occasions that pop up in life.  So it might be a 1st birthday celebration, or a family party, the arrival of a new baby or a time to update the family photos.   We all have those moments in our families which need to be 'documented' or photographed - those milestones that we love to look back on - and for 2019, that includes birth photography.  Take a look at THE BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER ESSEX page and be totally amazed at the strength and beauty that those images hold!

What happens before my shoot?

I'll meet with you for a pre-shoot meeting, to understand what style suits your personality and family, and we'll plan the shoot together.  After your shoot, we'll arrange a presentation slideshow of all the images and I'll help you choose your wall art for a lifetime of memories.

How much will it cost?

Session fees start from £95.  The session fee does not include any images, but pays for the time in creating your images and all post production.  Collections of beautiful wall art, prints and albums start from £350.