ANNE PAGE - Anne Thomas

Thank you for taking the time to pop over here to find out a little about me.  I'm based in Great Notley, just outside Braintree Essex, and my work takes me across Suffolk, London, Wales and more locally to Chelmsford, Colchester, Chigwell and Amersham.  I specialise in storytelling through images, with particular skills and passion for brand photography, CrossFit boxes and CrossFit events.  

When I'm not photographing businesses and CrossFit boxes, I'm using my camera to tell all those other stories that pop up in our lives - children, teens, weddings, family events and more!

I've always had a camera in my hand - it started off at Art College when we were all sent  off to purchase a camera, and from there it's been a passion that I've kept going.  

I left Art College and headed off to Kuwait, where I worked as a Graphic Designer for two banks - and this was undoubtedly the time when I learned life skills that equipped me to feel I could take on almost anything!  I learned to speak Arabic (although don't test me now, I'd fail dismally), I learned to live in extreme heat, and I learned to communicate and love a community for whom English wasn't a first language, but still welcomed me into their world.  And it's these life skills that I bring to photoshoots - whether it's a wedding, family shoot or corporate.  I pick up on the detail that matters and include it in your portfolio.

I've become a CrossFit fan, training 4 times a week, putting my body through movements that I never thought possible - and I've come to realise that exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the heart - and this is probably how I get through those 12 hour wedding shoots!  Although based in Braintree Essex,  my childhood was spent in Wales, and you'll frequently find me loading the car up and heading down the M4 for photoshoots - so I'm happy to travel if a client isn't on my doorstep!   

Thank you again for popping over.  Take a look at my website - if you're thinking of a photoshoot, then I'm always happy to meet for coffee to chat it through with you.

Enjoy the galleries!